The Plan


Build a Movement

From the American settlers to the founding societies behind Liberia and Israel, the most powerful force in history is a group of people organized for collective action. By building a founding society, Libertonia will show it's a movement to be taken seriously.


Plan the Founding

Once we have an initial following, Libertonia will prepare for creating the new country. This includes scouting possible locations, exploring financing, and making plans for negotiating sovereign land acquisition.


Acquire Sovereign Land

At this point, we will run an open process with countries to explore potential sites for Libertonia, similar to Amazon's HQ2 contest. We offer the potential of increased trade and jobs with a rapidly growing neighbor, as well as cash and/or GDP-linked bonds.


Settle First Citizens

Once the deal is signed and we've acquired sovereign land from a country, the initial settlers will move to found the new country of Libertonia. These initial settlers will work to develop the infrastructure and institutions of a 21st century microstate.


Grow the Population

Libertonia will rapidly expand its population with immigration from around the world, attracting liberty-minded people looking to escape their current situation. Whether they're immigrating from the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Latin America, or somewhere else, liberty lovers are welcome in Libertonia.

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