Let's Build a Free Country Together

Libertonia is founding a new country with

liberty and consent of the governed.

Allow Social and Economic Freedom
Ensure Consent of the Governed
Allow Social and Economic Freedom
First Principles
Build from the Ground Up
We shall all be the gainers if we can create a world fit for small states to live in.
Quote from Friedrich von Hayek

About Libertonia

About Libertonia

Libertonia is founding a new pro-liberty country, built from the ground up from first principles.

Why does the world need Libertonia? While the world has gradually become freer over the centuries, there's still much progress remaining.

Libertonia believes we can do better. What would a 21st century country designed from first principles look like? We think it should emphasize liberty and consent. By liberty, we mean promoting civil liberties and a market economy free of government interference. Consent of the governed means that the political authority of the government flows from the voluntary agreement of its citizens to the social contract.

Through sovereign land acquisition, funded by GDP-linked bonds and a rapidly growing population, Libertonia will be the first nation created de novo in modern history.

Join us on this historic journey!

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